Poker, from hobby to business: 2nd Ed. + Tutorial & winning strategies (english edition)

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Poker, from hobby to business: 2nd Ed. + Tutorial & winning strategies (english edition)

This 2nd edition addresses all relevant concepts about the game of poker, from its legality, its application in the academic field, including the legal sciences, to its perspective as a business, and of course, the tax aspects of the game. Poker is the sport of the mind that is present on five continents, being practiced as a hobby, as an academic tool or as a business, due to its plurality in mathematical and psychological concepts.

About the author: Fabio Silva has a degree in Accounting, Judicial Mediator from the National Council of Justice of Brazil, a law student, professional poker player and CEO of Litoral Poker Brazil( – BUY NOW!

ISBN-13: 978-1704839257
ISBN-10: 1704839254

Chapter 1 – The History of the Poker Game
Chapter 2 – The practice of poker game under Brazilian law
Chapter 3 – Poker, From Leisure to Business
Chapter 4 – The Basics of University Poker
4.1 Mathematical, psychological and academic aspects of the game – Game Theory
4.2 Poker Strategies Applied to Legal Sciences
4.3 Artificial Intelligence X Emotional Intelligence
Chapters 5- Key Differences Between Online Poker and Live Poker
Chapter 6 – Starting Your Way in Poker (Tutorial)
6.1 Ranking of Hands
6.2 Poker Vocabularies
6.3 Expected Values in Poker (EV) – Definition and Strategies
6.4 The basic math of poker, the probability
6.5 Pot Odds and Outs
6.6 Concepts of: Independent Chip Model, better known as “ICM”
6.7 ICM X EV – Definitions and Applications
6.8 Red line, parameter for rating your game
Chapters 7 – Starting the Game …
7.1 The Position, basic principle
7.2 Playing the Flop
7.3 Playing the Turn
7.4. Playing the river
7.5 Reasons to bet
Chapter 8 – Entering Profitable Plays in Your Game
8.1 How to play postflop on tables with many limpers
8.2 Paying in position to attack by performing Floating
8.3 Different ways to play low pairs profitably
8.4 Basic Strategies for Your Chip Stack
8.5 Training and proposed exercises
Chapter 9 – Effects of Emotional and Behavioral Factors on Poker
9.1 Identifying Players in the Online Game with HUD Information
9.2 Placing Hand Ranges by Profile
9.3 Notes x Hud
9.4 The trust factor
9.5 Assessing Risks
9.6 Dealing with Downswing
9.7 Pros and Cons of Becoming a Professional Gamer
9.8 Main causes of poker player failure
9.9 Identifying and managing the comfort zone in poker
Chapter 10 – Tips for Managing Variance
Chapter 11 – The Deal, the Time for a Deal
Chapter 12. The ROI – Return obtains gone on investment
Chapter 13- The Moment of Truth, What You Can Really Win at Poker
Chapter 14 – The Truth About Online Poker Platforms
Chapter 15 – Differences Between Rakeback and Bonuses
Chapter 16 – Key Differences Between Cash Game and Tournaments
Chapter 17 – Rakeback Reflexes and Offsets on Result
Chapter 18 – Choose from the Different Online Poker Platforms
Chapter 19 – Registering on Platforms and Understanding Some Game Modes
Chapter 20 – Supporting Software for Results Reports and Websites
20.1 How to analyze your results on websites ( &
Chapter 21 – Tax Aspects of Online Poker Profitability


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